About us

Our Story

In 2012, we began our journey in the Diamond industry. After achieving success in Diamond Growing and Manufacturing, we are now proud to introduce the world to our luxurious, sustainable diamond jewelry. Experience the brilliance of diamonds & jewelry with us!


At Maitri Jewels, we're on a mission to transform the jewelry industry. We create exquisite lab-grown diamond jewelry that combines craftsmanship with sustainability. Our goal is to provide ethically sourced, conflict-free diamonds that radiate beauty and elegance while making a positive impact on the world.


Our vision at Maitri Jewels is to lead the lab-grown diamond jewelry industry globally. We strive for unmatched quality, innovation, and ethical practices. By redefining luxury with sustainable diamonds, we aim to be the preferred choice for B2B clients, fostering trust and setting new industry standards for excellence and responsible luxury.